A Brand Designer’s Guide to Motion Design


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If you’re a designer looking to make your work move, this is the perfect introduction to ease you into the world of motion design. It's everything you need to go from zero to 24fps.

In just 70 minutes, you'll learn the key aspects of After Effects in three chapters.

📕 Chapter 1: Interface
• Familiarise yourself with the interface
• Set up a composition with correct settings
• Learn how to customise the space to your workflow
• Explaining the timeline and function of keyframes
• An introduction to easing and the graph editor

📙 Chapter 2: Animating
• Importing and organising design assets
• Plugins!
• Animating a logo
• Trim paths, track mattes, pick whipping!
• Integrating Effects into your workflow

📒 Chapter 3: Exporting
• Understanding the render queue
• Optimising your renders for client handover or social media
• An introduction to Adobe Media Encoder

🎁 What you’ll receive
• A 70-minute video tutorial taking you through the basics of After Effects from the interface through to exporting.
• A PDF cheat sheet with all the essential shortcuts, plugins, and resources you need to start and learn quickly.
• A logo file to follow along with.
• The ability to start making your work move and the confidence to talk about things like keyframes at parties.

👨🏼 About me
I have been working as a graphic designer for the last 10 years. I have learned After Effects through various courses and tutorials, as well as with the help of friends like Ian Haigh & Mike Tosetto. Motion is a big part of the client work in my role as Senior Designer at Christopher Doyle & Co. for clients like Spotify and TikTok. Now, I am focussing on taking all of this knowledge and applying it in brand design to help bring visual identities to life. My goal is to teach you these skills too so you can reap the rich rewards of motion design (both creatively and financially).

❓Who is this for?
• After Effects beginners. You will benefit if you have other Adobe software knowledge (Illustrator/InDesign/Photoshop), though not strictly necessary.
• Designers looking to upskill and make their work move.
• Anyone with 70 minutes and AUD$7.99 available.

💰 Price
Only AUD$7.99 – with an additional pay-what-you-feel option for the generously inclined.

Students get it for free – email [email protected] for details.

🚀 Let’s go

Special thanks to Ian Haigh and Luke Mallinson for feedback and support.

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